Cruise Control

May 21, 2012 41 Comments

Shamrock Soft started to work on a Cruise Control application. Imagine that you don’t have Cruise Control in your car or you need to keep permanent speed during jogging. The Cruise Control application alerts you if speed below or above predefined limits and allows runners, cyclist and drivers to manage and regulate speed without looking at the screen. Here you can see screen shots of the new coming application and video.


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    Cruise control is the best gadget to keep you updated about your speed. Whether you are in your car, jogging or out cycling it will always inform you about your speed without you having to look at the screen. Isn’t that an amazing technology.

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      This looks like a very useful application especially for those competing in a race. I believe the participants with this application will have a better chance of winning than those without it.

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      The Cruise Control request alarm you if pace under or above predefined constrain and permit runners, cyclist and drivers to supervise and run speed lacking taking a gander at the screen.

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    Till yet, I could not find anything that can control the cruise. However, there are some robotic programs that are mostly used.

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