All beautiful screenshots have been removed

by Shamrock Soft on February 22, 2012 12 Comments

Passing of certification is not easy thing to do especially when people who make decigion use formal criterias. We still trying to publish Su-35. Last time application was rejected with "Application screenshot is not a direct capture of the application at runtime and is a file image." To pass certification as soon as posible we removed all beatiful screens which you can see here and left only introduction screen with running boy. We will add them later as part of update. Now it is more critical to publish. Of course it is sad that we haven't published Su-35 before February 23. But we still on target March 12.

Su-35 has submited for Certification

by Shamrock Soft on February 11, 2012 15 Comments

Shamrock Soft believes Su-35 app is ready to go public. Hope Microsoft would be glad to see one more app in their store.

Development of Su-35 has finished.

by Shamrock Soft on February 10, 2012 14 Comments

It has been long time since original idea of toy-airplane had come. Last couple of weeks were really tough. UI, pros and cons, nice sound or real one. All these questions went to past. Competition organized by Microsoft and Nokia helped to consolidate efforts. Of course it is good to get trophy from them, but I already appreciate their help. Well it is time to publish official screenshots and initiate signing of application. Hope Microsoft reviewers don't find it as a problem to publish model jet fighter toy. I really like screens I see here. It is one of such kind of exotic my projects which is fulfilled on planned time and looks close or even better then in original idea.

Name of a new application is selected. It is Su-35.

by Shamrock Soft on February 5, 2012 17 Comments

This is going to be official name of the application. First draft version of Su-35 is ready. Testing is starting on Monday.

Su-35 (screenshot)

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