Cruise Control

by Shamrock Soft on May 21, 2012 41 Comments

Shamrock Soft started to work on a Cruise Control application. Imagine that you don’t have Cruise Control in your car or you need to keep permanent speed during jogging. The Cruise Control application alerts you if speed below or above predefined limits and allows runners, cyclist and drivers to manage and regulate speed without looking at the screen. Here you can see screen shots of the new coming application and video.


Russian Spell Cheker works with SkyDrive

by Shamrock Soft on May 13, 2012 21 Comments

Here you can see screenshorts of sreeens of the spell checker with SkyDrive integration

Орфография 1.4 (Russian Offline Spell Checker) two new features have been added

by Shamrock Soft on May 10, 2012 37 Comments

Today Shamrock Soft finished development of  new version Russian Offline Spell Checker. Two features have been added:

1. Three possible size of font

2. Ability to Open and Save files from and to SkyDrive.

We need to spend some time on testing and publishing of the new version. So preliminary we expect it on MarketPlace in a week.

Орфография 1.3 (Russian Offline Spell Checker)

by Shamrock Soft on May 1, 2012 18 Comments



New version supports Live Tiles which shows how to spell correctly difficult words in Russian


by Shamrock Soft on May 1, 2012 21 Comments

Well well. There are a lot of ongoing projects but numbers of ideas is higher. Today we made available for public Chinese-English. It was not difficult decision to start to work on it. We alredy mentioned success of Chinese-Russian and English-Russian so Chenese-English is straight forward thing to be done.

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